Doctors told about the dangers of summer berries

Медики рассказали о вреде летних ягод

Strawberry season is in full swing. Due to adverse weather conditions the cost of berries at the markets is through the roof. Spring frosts destroyed the crop, and the absence of the sun makes the berries ripen in time. Probably closer to mid-June, prices for berries will decrease. But do not rush to buy the first strawberries in the markets, because, according to doctors, it can be dangerous to your health. Let’s find out who is better to abstain and not to eat the strawberries from the home garden.

People predisposed to allergies, buy early strawberries undesirable. Berry can cause severe reactions. Especially it is contraindicated to use for children under 3 years and pregnant women. If you have frequent joint pain, then it is also worth limit the use of strawberries. For gastritis, ulcers and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract strawberries will only irritate the mucosa due to small bones that are on the surface, writes

Hypertensive patients who take the drugs on the basis of enapril, the strawberry is not the best. In combination with cure berry increases the load on the kidneys.

Strawberries also contain oxalic acid, which in conjunction with calcium forms insoluble calcium oxalate. Suffering from osteoporosis, in which the lack of calcium in the body, strawberries can only do harm by reducing the reserves of calcium in the body. To avoid this, eat the strawberries together with yogurt, kefir, yogurt or whole milk. Then the oxalates of calcium in transit will pass through the intestine and can accumulate in the kidneys.

Of course, the strawberry contains many beneficial vitamins, its composition has beneficial effects on the composition of human blood, berry promotes the production of pleasure hormone dopamine, increases the body’s immunity and strengthens the heart muscle.