Doctors told about the major myths related to alcohol

Медики рассказали о главных мифах, связанных с употреблением алкоголя

Many adults live with the myth that supposedly, if the right to drink alcohol, you can avoid a hangover without getting drunk. Reports the doctors decided to debunk the main myths associated with alcohol. They said that many people believe that alcohol can be mixed, if you start with light drinks, and to finish strong.

In fact, does not matter in what order you drink alcohol because if you drink a lot, the next morning you will be bad. In addition, many drink alcohol to increase appetite, but in fact alcohol only provoke the production of gastric juice, and this process has no relation to hunger.

Another myth is that alcohol supposedly helps you fall asleep fast and promotes very sound sleep. This is not so. With regular use of alcoholic drinks, on the contrary, the dream man begins to deteriorate and lose our biological rhythms. With regular “libation,” the people begin to suffer from insomnia.

Informed nutritionists spoke about the compatibility of alcohol and diet.