Doctors told how to identify cancer on the fingers: the first sign

Врачи рассказали как определить рак по пальцам: первый признак

British doctors claim that you only need to look at your fingers and nails to see if lung cancer.

Experts from Britain conducted a study to find out how lung cancer can be detected on the fingers and nails. They found out what the signs of this disease, according to “Rambler”.

Most importantly, the witnessing of the disease – swelling in the hands and feet. Malignant tumor secretes a special hormone-like chemicals that cause such a reaction in the limbs. Also cancer can be detected by looking at nails. If they become shiny and flexible, it is a chance to go to the doctor. Symptoms called pulmonary hypertrophic Charcot osteoarthropathy, which is converted to the deformation of joints and bones.

The fingers and nails, it is possible for other symptoms to know about lung cancer. Detecting cancer can be coughing, shortness of breath and inflammation in the mouth. It is also possible the cancer can notice if voice changed: he became more low and hoarse.