Doctors were not allowed to give birth to a woman for two days

Медики не разрешали родить женщине двое суток

In the Rivne region, the woman blames doctors that her two days did not give birth, and the child was born dead. The husband of the mother filed the police started pre-trial investigation. Head of the hospital in jail until you get on the job and are not contacted, misleading “Facts”.

The woman in the 37th week of pregnancy appealed to the city hospital and announced the start of contractions. The doctor said that giving birth at that age is too early, given the small weight of the child. Was prescribed treatment.

After two days the doctors said that can not hear the fetal heart. The pregnant woman was sent to the regional perinatal center, where she Feb 26, gave birth to a dead baby.

In the Rivne center say that all questions should be addressed to the doctors in jail because at the time of hospitalization of pregnant to change anything already it was impossible.