Does the employment of pensioner on amount of payments

Влияет ли трудоустройство пенсионера на сумму выплат

In Ukraine, if the retiree is working, that affects his right to the bonuses, allowances, increase, as well as the recalculation of pensions in the event of a change of the subsistence minimum.

Therefore, the pension of a pensioner employed or engaged in entrepreneurial activities will be different. This was reported to the official page of newspaper “Pension courier” on Facebook.

In particular, in the case of employment of a pensioner recalculation with the new subsistence level for the calculation of the minimum amount or additional payments by legislation. Such recalculation is performed automatically according to the pension file, in which information regarding employment occurs if a person informs you about this. May form overpayment pension funds.

In addition, the allowance to pensioners who do not work and have dependent children under 18 years are also not paid in case of employment.

As specified, it also happens that after employment of the pensioner pension payment he have to do to stop.

“For example, as happens in the case of employment before reaching retirement age women who exercised their right to early retirement on reaching 55 years of age with a decrease in its size. Terminated on the payment to the recipient of the pension for seniority if he goes to work, giving the right to pension for length of service”, – stated in the message.

At the time of appointment (recalculation) of the pension to the pensioner under the personal signature misleading about his duties in case of employment to provide details about it in bodies of the Pension Fund. The same warning is contained in the pension certificate. If the pensioner does not inform about such changes, the Fund become aware of them, as systematically performed a reconciliation of data with state registries of obligatory state social insurance, legal entities and physical persons – entrepreneurs, and revealed the fact of employment. However, the reconciliation date is estimated for the amount of the overpaid retirement funds.

“So, if after employment retired not reported to management of the Pension Fund and consequently formed an overpayment of pension amounts, Pension Fund management on the basis of article 50 of the Law of Ukraine “On compulsory state pension insurance” has the right to make the decision on deduction from pension amounts overpaid within 20% of the pension (monthly).

The amount of pensions overpaid as a result of abuse by the pensioner or the submission by the insured of false data (in this case, the failure to report employment consider abuse), a retiree may return voluntarily”, – explained in the message.

To prevent overpayments of pensions in connection with employment need to report it promptly to the office of the Pension Fund at the place of residence.