Dog patted or mole ate? Baranovskaya on vacation became the victim of a “leaky” fashion. The squirrel bit?

The untidy way the hair and clothing and, of course, drunk as the restless TV presenter in holey t-shirt with the children frightening fans directly from Italy.

As you know, the TV presenter “the First channel” Julia Baranovskaya never been known for their restraint and proper education. In the network and then laugh all her sins – she loves to abuse alcohol and loud parties which often end in her harassment of various men. This time Baranovskaya on vacation became the victim of a “leaky” fashion. A squirrel bit me, Yul?

Earlier, the TV presenter went on vacation together with their children, and even there, apparently, are unable to indulge in the “couple glasses”. At the meeting with his girlfriend Julia, apparently, used an uncertain amount of alcohol, because after that her behavior changed dramatically. Glassy eyes, whirling around and inappropriate behavior – all that showed Julia in their Stories.

As you can see, Baranovskaya looks extremely “not very”. Untidy image, dirty hair in a bun and “holey” t-shirt – so appeared before the fans favorite leading. Dog patted or mole ate? wonder the haters. They believe that Julia is slowly but surely heading down the ramp.