Donald trump has lifted sanctions against Huawei

Дональд Трамп снял санкции с Huawei

During the summit of “Big twenty” G20 US President Donald trump made a rather unexpected statement regarding Huawei. Trump has removed some of the prohibitions of collaboration between American companies and Chinese vendor also hinted at the possibility of lifting all trade restrictions.

As reported by GSMArena, the head of the White house during the G20 summit, said that U.S. companies can continue to sell their products Huawei. According to him, it really does not harm national security.

American companies that produce products will be able to sell it to Huawei. I gave them my permission. American producers were very upset by the restrictions on cooperation with Chinese vendor and we remove the ban. If it does not harm national security, we allow them to operate,
– said Donald trump.

Relationship with Huawei. The US President noted that further discussion of a possible transaction with Huawei will be held later. He did not rule out a complete withdrawal of all trade restrictions with the Chinese company. However, this must be supported by a trade agreement between the US and Huawei. Donald trump said that he would discuss the matter with the Ministry of trade.

What is known about the scandal with Huawei?May 7, 2019 U.S. President Donald trump has signed a decree banning the use of Huawei equipment in the country. The company was suspected of spying and collecting sensitive information using the same equipment.

With the aim of fulfilling the decree of the government of the rupture of cooperation with the Chinese vendor announced: Google, ARM, Intel, Microsoft Qualcommта.

“Trade war” with China. It also became known that trump and Jinping agreed to resume trade relations between the US and China. The truce is temporary and all the details will be refined in the course of further negotiations. Donald trump also promised that the U.S. will not impose new trade tariffs on Chinese goods.

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