Don’t answer that!: in the Dnieper river under the guise of a nurse hiding cheaters

Не отвечайте!: в Днепре под видом медсестер прячутся мошенники

In the river go from door to door scammers who predstavlyaetsya nurses and defraud the personal data of people.

The crooks in the river trying to keep up with the times. Every day reveals new methods of obtaining money, which would have envied even the old Bender.

In connection with the medical reform in Ukraine, the majority of citizens, have issued a Declaration with your doctor. However, the mechanism of this relationship that most unfortunately do not understand.

Under the guise of a nurse or even doctor, the attackers call a potential victim and begin the “process”.

The scammer asks the victim to provide the “missing” documents, ID and passport series. How can’t I refuse? The doctor, after all.

Why? Everything is quite simple. The fraudster visits the site of the “office” that provides services of microcredit. Usually all you need for a quick loan is a passport and the code – just what the fraudster. The office makes a request for the victim’s name in a Bank database.

If everything is in order give the nod to the loan.

Then everything is even easier. Crook catches redirects the victim’s room and waits for a call to confirm. Next, the attacker asks to issue money on the “left” card.

Such operations can bring the cheater from 10 to 30 thousand hryvnia per day, and you make follow-up calls from collectors and headache and problems with banks for years to come.

With one of these “nurses” faced dnepryanka Anna Giluch.

This afternoon I called the lady introduced herself as a nurse which I, supposedly, register to the family doctor.

Since I have a small child, I’m in a hurry could not understand, listened to her, asked what is the nurse that in the hospital, etc. (despite the fact that I am assigned to a family doctor).

Madame tells me the following: “Anna, you have registered, do not left any room a series of passport or your ID”.

I answer her like this, I photocopies passed, my Declaration I have all concluded and signed. Surprised, the lady said and I kid?

To that my answer is Yes. Her last words were: “Then oshibochka out, goodbye”. Only after 10 minutes I realized that there is something wrong.

When we called the hospital seemed to who is calling, what the hospital and requested to bring copies of documents, not the phone – said Anna.

In no case do not give personal information over the phone, especially to strangers.

Не отвечайте!: в Днепре под видом медсестер прячутся мошенники

Не отвечайте!: в Днепре под видом медсестер прячутся мошенники