“Don’t celebrate – go out” in Nikolaev participants of “Immortal regiment” had an argument with the “Right sector”. VIDEO

«Не празднуете - идите отсюда»: в Николаеве участники «Бессмертного полка» повздорили с «Правым сектором». ВИДЕО

At the time of laying flowers to the monument “to olshanets” in Nikolaev after the action “Immortal regiment” between its members and representatives of “Right sector” there were skirmishes.

One of them was recorded by the correspondent “News-N”.

A young representative of the “Right sector” tried not to miss the monument to a man on a t-shirt who allegedly saw the forbidden symbols. According to him, on the shirt except for the phrase “Thank you grandpa for victory!” was a picture of St. George’s ribbon, albeit in black and white.

The man was outraged and said that the young man is not a police officer and is unable to detain him.

Among the participants of “Immortal regiment” and representatives of “Right sector” altercation ensued, during which, by the way, one of the women turned to Russian-speaking nationalists in the Ukrainian language with the request “not pavati Holy.” In response to this young man, in principle, have expressed doubts that may 9 is a holiday.

– So why are you here? Don’t celebrate – go out! We come to you on your holidays don’t go, so why you came here, snapped one more participant of the action “Immortal regiment”.

As a result, the conflict was stopped by the police, who threw opponents in different directions.

According to the materials: novosti-n.org