“Don’t chase the evil spirits”: Suprun postebalsya over the request from the media about the exorcism

"Не гоняйтесь за злыми духами": Супрун постебалась над запросом от СМИ о сеансах экзорцизма

August 21, the press service of the MOH has received a request from the TV channel “Ukraine” on the effects of exorcism

About it the head of the MOH Suprun announced at Facebook.

In particular, in the request it was about the following:

“We ask for Your help in obtaining a video commentary on the following issues:

1. What might be the consequences to human health after the exorcism, the exorcism and other occult rituals?

2. Do people in need of psychological assistance, refer to the so-called healers and priests, the exorcists for help?”

“I doubt that the Ministry of Finance receives the requests from channels with a request for commentary about the trees on which money grows, and the Ministry of infrastructure on flat ground and three elephants, in which it is held,” said Suprun.

Leader the MOH also wondered why out of all socially important topics, which potentially can be told to a large audience, choose topics that is of such a nature and not about vaccination, reproductive health, healthy lifestyles or changes in the medical system.

“In the hands of the media is also responsible for the health of citizens. The quality of your content is and the quality of our information environment and security. Stop chasing “evil spirits,” and remnants of the past” she concluded.