Don’t do that: the nutritionist listed harmful dietary habits

Не делай так: диетолог перечислила вредные пищевые привычки

The expert told of any habits better to get rid of

If you want to lose weight and go on a proper diet, but are not sure where to start – you can start to learn how to do. It’s easier to eliminate some habits than to learn something new. Let’s start with this and you will see that healthy eating does not require huge changes in life. Nutritionist Albina Komissarova was listed on his page on the Instagram popular harmful food habits, which are better to forget.

Bad habits:

Habit 1: Drink tea “with a sweet” after a meal.

A very popular habit, which mechanism is debugged since childhood and firmly fixed in our minds. As a result, overeat.

Solution: first try to drink tea with fruits and berries (now is the season!), while slice the fruit finely and use skewers, so we’ll stretch the pleasure. After a time, can and do refuse dessert, and even drink a fragrant tea with lemon or coffee with milk.

Habit 2: Apply a Supplement.

If you put additive, it means that they still have not learned to control themselves the size of the portions. In the result, overeat.

Solution: start with the standard recommendations: the plate is 22 cm in diameter. Half filled with vegetables/fruit, 1/4 protein food, 1/4 with carbohydrates. If not full, increase the calorie content of food that is put, BUT do NOT increase the portion size.

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Habit 3: the Pursuit of fashion products.

Protein bar, chocolate coconut sugar also have calories, and sometimes even more familiar counterparts. We think we are eating something healthy and then lose weight, but in the end, can even overeating.

Solution: I don’t recommend counting calories, but paying attention to them is necessary. Perhaps the composition seems “clean”, but if the calorie content is off the charts, think, is it worth it? And if you really want, do it consciously.

Habit 4: Have with gadgets.

Everyone keeps saying that, but very few people give this value and I’ll repeat constantly. Adults and children don’t have any distractions when eating.

The solution: eat even without the background TV. And if your bored – chat with someone sitting at the table. Wonder how you ever comes saturation.

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Не делай так: диетолог перечислила вредные пищевые привычки

Не делай так: диетолог перечислила вредные пищевые привычки

Не делай так: диетолог перечислила вредные пищевые привычки