“Don’t eat”: the Culprits of global warming are meat eaters and milk – scientists

A wide response and mixed reactions the report of the group of scientists, published in the American edition of Huffington Post.

«Хватит есть»: Виновниками глобального потепления являются любители мяса и молока – ученые

According to researchers, the main culprits of global warming are lovers of meat and milk, which provoke the development of this agricultural areas. As enduring argument was again an example of the flatulence of domestic animals, which creates in the atmosphere a greenhouse effect. Scientists used mathematical calculations to prove that such meat and dairy corporations, like Tyson, Cargill and Dairy Farmers of America, impact on climate change much more than extracting and refining petroleum giants like ExxonMobil and Shell.

Computer simulations showed that if over the next decade beef consumption in the United States will not be reduced by 90%, and milk by 60%, then the planet will suffer disaster that cannot be prevented. In response to this statement of the scientists, the ranchers made an indignant letter, which stated the desire of transnational companies, mastering the production technology of artificial products, to clear the main niche markets of the USA and the UK. Independent experts agree with this statement, as the scientists ‘ conclusions are extremely controversial and unexpected.

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