Don’t ever do that: Komorowski about the serious error in the treatment of influenza

Никогда так не делайте: Комаровский о серьезной ошибке в лечении гриппа

Doctor and broadcaster Eugene Komorowski on his page in social network Instagram spoke about the way to reduce body temperature with cold water. According to him, when high body temperature when not help or bad help antipyretics, can often hear recommendations about the use of so-called “physical methods of cooling”.

Options for implementation – to put the child in cold water to wipe the body with cold water, wrap in wet sheets, to impose cold warmers, put the cold enema.

Eugene Komorowski noticed that this when skin contact with cold is spasm of the blood vessels of the skin. As a consequence, heat loss from the skin decreases. With such manipulation, the skin temperature drops, and the temperature of the internal organs increases, and it is extremely dangerous for the body.

Famous Ukrainian doctor advises never to use at home and self-treatment physical cooling methods with the use of cold water.

“Never do,” warns the doctor.

But stresses that physical cooling methods can actually be applied, but only when previously used drugs that reduce spasm of the blood vessels of the skin, or when there is a possibility for the urgent introduction of these drugs, therefore, such methods are permissible only in the presence of a doctor or treatment in hospital.

Water has a thermal conductivity many times higher than air, so skin contact with water sharply increases the heat transfer under the condition that water will not contribute to the spasm of skin vessels.

“For such manipulations of water should not be cold, but should not have a temperature above 36 °C. the Optimal water temperature is 30-34 °C. bath, or sponging the skin with water with a temperature of sharply intensifying the heat transfer and can be used for fever,” – said Eugene Komorowski.

He insists that any bath and any rubbing is only possible when their child can tolerate.

“If you try to strip, grind, put in the tub is rejection, tremor, anxiety, resistance, complaints – will stop,” – said Eugene Komorowski.