Don’t hide under a tree and take the fetal position: the expert explained how to escape from lightning in a thunderstorm

Не прятаться под деревом и принять позу эмбриона: эксперт рассказал, как спасаться от молний в грозу

In the capital region came the rain and thunderstorms. According to experts, the observance of certain precautions reduces the risk to suffer from a lightning strike in this weather.

Royal society (great Britain) published evidence that in the country every year 30 to 60 people are victims of lightning strikes and about three cases of these accidents are fatal. 25 June in the three districts of Bashkortostan was played by the bad weather that has claimed lives. In particular, it killed the woman who was struck by lightning.

Experts say that absolute protection from lightning, because there is no “lead” they are themselves quite unpredictable. However, there are precautions that reduce the probability that lightning will strike in person. Tips on how to behave in a thunderstorm, said the Professor, head of laboratory of modeling of electrophysical processes of the Energy Institute. Krzhizhanovsky Eduard Bazelyan.

Don’t hide under a tree. Professor Bazelyan said that the lightning prefer to hit in the higher objects. So you don’t need a storm to go hide under a tree. On the contrary, it is necessary to move away to a distance twice its height. If lightning hits a tree, the “spread”, reaching the ground and creating a step voltage.

To adopt a “fetal position”. Once during a thunderstorm in a large open area in the field, should sit down on his haunches and sgorbissa in the fetal position, advised the expert.

You can wait in the car. Metal shell vehicles create a protective screen.

Do not touch metal objects. Not in a thunderstorm, standing under an umbrella or holding a fishing rod. As well as you cannot touch any metal objects. If the pockets have coins, it is better to get rid of them.

Turn off electrical appliances and gas. Also, the expert recommends not to build a fire in a furnace or fireplace, as the hot air attracts the lightning discharge.

Do not use the laser pointer. It is proved that the laser beam attracts the lightning.