Don’t let anyone make fun of Ukraine, – the head of the UGCC appealed to the youth about the elections

Не дадим никому высмеять Украину, - глава УГКЦ обратился к молодежи относительно выборов

Through participation in presidential elections Ukrainians are showing national and Christian maturity. Therefore, the head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, Sviatoslav called on Ukrainians to Mature responsibility and do not let anyone to make fun of Ukraine.

In trilinear Message Sviatoslav to the youth on palm Sunday says that according to opinion polls, the majority of young Ukrainians the most important value in his life and feel the freedom. But true freedom is impossible without responsibility.

Salvation history shows that the road from slavery to freedom is a difficult and long way need to walk every day, consistently and patiently, the head of the UGCC.

“In this way possible errors, but it is unacceptable to allow a criminal indifference or carelessness with which we ourselves, often without even noticing it, go to the side of our enemy, voluntarily returned under his Cormega”, – stressed the head of UGCC.

Ukrainians will exercise their national and Christian maturity through participation in the presidential elections. Therefore, his Beatitude Sviatoslav urged all to Mature responsibility.

Only a Mature person is able to foresee the consequences of their choices and take personal responsibility for them. Don’t let anyone make fun of Ukraine, to mock the blood and suffering of our people who gave their lives fighting for real freedom!,

– called the head of the UGCC.

For young Ukrainians better and how you can consciously took a personal and important decision, his Beatitude Sviatoslav recalled the criteria which at the time was expressed by his Beatitude Lubomyr.

According to these criteria, according to the head of the UGCC, it is necessary to assess applicants for positions in the state authorities:

  • professionalism
  • decency,
  • patriotism.

The only one who has all three traits may be worthy of our trust

– it is noted in the message.

When the second round of presidential elections in Ukraine? The final vote for a new President will take place on 21 April, Sunday. To vote will be from 8:00 to 20:00. In the second round of the Ukrainians will choose between President Poroshenko and Zelensky. A few days before the vote, the presidential candidates plan to hold a traditional debate. The name of the new President of Ukraine, the CEC must announce before may 1. The presidential inauguration will take place in June.

Don’t forget to take with you to the polling station Ukrainian passport and a certificate of temporary change of voting place (if you do not plan to vote at the place of residence).

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Не дадим никому высмеять Украину, - глава УГКЦ обратился к молодежи относительно выборов

Не дадим никому высмеять Украину, - глава УГКЦ обратился к молодежи относительно выборов