“Don’t strain yourself, Deniska”: Glushakov demands of the court in Rostov and child support from the wife in the decree – attorney

Lawyer spouses Glushakova accused the football player in “blatant arrogance” and says that he demands too much, especially he does not deserve child support from deceived them broken wife in the decree.

«Не надорвись, Дениска»: Глушаков требует суда в Ростове и алиментов на детей от жены в декрете - адвокат

A high-profile case of divorce proceedings between Daria and Denis Glushakova been going on for a very long time. It all started with the betrayal of a football player in a bath with another woman, where he caught his wife. Daria immediately demanded a divorce, no longer able to tolerate his antics. The lawyers chose a woman famous Sergei Gorina, which at this stage protects the interests of Yevgeny Petrosyan.

Himself Denis agreed to the divorce, but it requires the court in Rostov, specifically in Millerovo, his native town, and also pass on to his children and to pay child support on them. Zhorin was shocked with such requirements and in your Instagram expressed their outrage about this.

“Glushakov Miller asks the court to take the children from mothers and give it to him. He wants a wife who is on maternity leave and not working – pay him alimony. Not nadorvis Denis”, sarcastically said the lawyer.

«Не надорвись, Дениска»: Глушаков требует суда в Ростове и алиментов на детей от жены в декрете - адвокат

However, the small victory he still managed to win. Zhorin has made of the case in Moscow, at the place of residence of the spouses and not by place of residence. Thus, Sergei has a chance to take the player exactly what he asks. However, he suggested that a man so vehemently demanded claims in the court of his native city to “make it easier to win the case”, and now it is impossible, as the Moscow judges will be more impartial, and until the property arrested and none of them has the right to dispose of them before the end of the divorce process.

However, time will tell. Daria hopes that her ex-husband with his 15 million-pound fees still will allocate the necessary amount for the maintenance of children, and she herself, after the release of their decree will begin to build a career.

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