“Don’t tell mom that hit her”: in Nikopol teachers kindergarten concealed from the parents of the injured child

"Маме не говори, что ударился": в Никополе воспитатели детсада скрыли от родителей травму ребенка

In Nikopol, parents are afraid to take children to kindergarten. This was reported in the “Typical Nicopolis” in Facebook.

-17 may 2019 took grandson from kindergarten № 33 “Zhuravlik”with a head injury, says neapolitana. In the kindergarten there was an emergency – grandson in the group pushed the boy, the grandson hit the temporal part of the head on the battery, the parents took the child to the emergency room No. 1, was x-rayed. The diagnosis – a bruise, a hematoma of the temporal part of the right side of the face. The child needs treatment. The teacher and the head concealed from the parents of the incident. The child was given first aid, was not seen by a nurse (not had even a cold). The teacher told my grandson to tell my mom and dad can not – it’s their secret. This is not an isolated case. The same boy in February has bitten my grandson was bitten through the thumb on the hand, this case is the head of “hushed up”…

Head hides everything, forbids teachers to tell parents about incidents.

Heart bleeds for the grandchildren, each of us leads to the garden a healthy baby and the big question if he will be in the evening.