Don’t try: South Africa male mixed three popular drink and died

Не пробуйте: в ЮАР мужчина смешал три популярных напитка и умер

Doctors suspect that the problem was the homemade beer, which can contain methanol and not in a mixture of coke, milk and beer.

In South Africa, the man died after he mixed home-brewed beer, Cola and milk, and his companion had problems with vision.

On Saturday, June 6, unemployed Pianist Edward Kuseni purchased from a neighbor half a liter of homemade alcoholic beverage for 20 Rand. Together with his brother he mixed beer with Cola and milk, then fell asleep. The next day he continued to drink. Monday Kuseni felt bad as his drinking buddy.

Pregnant wife African first decided that hungover, but he was getting worse and worse as his brother. As a result, the man was taken to hospital where he died.

Brother Kuseni survived, but now suffers from constant headaches, and he has much deteriorated eyesight. Doctors suspect that the drink could contain methanol.

A ban on the sale of alcohol has caused in the country boom of home brewing. However, because some people used for the production of low-quality beverage raw materials, drinking homemade alcoholic drink has resulted in death and injury.

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