Don’t waste your money: Privat plunged into a new scandal

Не тратьте зря деньги: ПриватБанк вляпался в новый скандал

Client, subscribing Svetlana lyubko, wrote a review on Privat on the website “Ministry of Finance”. She reported that her husband recently broke his leg. Because they have private insurance with the help of PrivatBank, was hoping to get a payout because of this case.

By submitting the documents, the couple waited about two months and then found out that they are not suitable. For this reason, no insurance payments were not.

“My husband broke his leg in the ambulance was taken to the hospital and put in plaster. A diagnosis from a doctor about the fracture and the pictures she took in private. The hospital was not registered, as it is not needed. After two months in a cast, we learned that the documents we filed are not suitable(if it’s not reported)are Hardly ever going to pay,” wrote Svetlana lyubko.

PrivatBank response was not long in coming. The representative of the Bank reported that PrivatBank is working with many reputable insurance companies and expressed their regret at this situation. He also said that what document need to provide to get a insurance payment.

“To receive insurance benefits need a document confirming the fact of occurrence of the insured event. It should contain:

Information about the victim (name, age, address, etc.).

The date of treatment and duration of treatment.

An accurate diagnosis.

Stamp of the medical institution and signature of the responsible person,” – said the PrivatBank.