Doping swimmers: details of fresh scandal, and also about how once checked Yana Klochkova

Допінг у плавців: про деталі свіжого скандалу, а також про те, як колись перевіряли Яну Клочкову

The story began in April 2018, when the staff of the National anti-doping centre visited Kharkov, where took place the championship of Ukraine on swimming. Among the doping tests of participants of the three was positive. This became known recently when finally came the test results, the newspaper “Express”.

Doping caught Alexey Ivanov, Yulia and Tatiana Krutogolova Kudako. Without any delay, without waiting for the response of the International swimming Federation, the FPU has taken a strict decision against these athletes. All annulled the results of performances, stripped of medals, prizes and points in the period from April to July of this year. Each of them was disqualified for four (!) year. So to return to the sport they can at the earliest in the summer of 2022.

Only after athletes have been punished, our Federation has reported the incident to the International swimming Federation and VICE.

Or frequent doping scandals in swimming? This “Express” tells the legendary Nina Casing, honored coach of Ukraine, master of Yana Klochkova.

Unfortunately, swimmers such scandals happen frequently, — says Nina Fyodorovna. — Recently, even in the body American athletes found illegal drugs. Although there for athletes enshrined physicians, pharmacists, personal trainers, who monitor everything that those using. We have no doctors, coach to control everything can not, that athletes and swallow what they suggest “well-wishers”. Like, nothing happens.

— Your pupils were also caught on a hook?

— I have over twenty years working with Yana Klochkova, Denis Silantiev… by God, we were tested! And the house took the materials for analysis, and in the pool and on the plane. I remember once riding with Klochkova train. In the middle of the night on some station just came into our compartment doping officers and forced Ian to take the material for analysis. And nothing is ever found. I’m a big opponent of “chemistry” that always explained to his disciples, you must live by the book, which States that it is forbidden to take athletes. A result to be secured only by work, not by using any drugs.

— As doping was in the body of this Trinity?

— In school, where they train, no physician. The athletes took the drugs, which themselves are attributed. Well, how can it be that the athletes prepared for the competition without a medic, without the supervision of specialists? This is a fault of the school Board, and the Federation, which needs to follow everything. But we only punish the athlete and coach.

Alexey Ivanov is 25 years. Julia Of Krutogolovy — 20. By the way, they meet. Think together and decided to go on this path.

By the way, I know a lot of athletes do not come to Kharkov, when I found out that there will be a test for doping. One word, people do not what need are doing nonsense instead of training.



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