Dorofeev day: what should not be done on 18 June

Дорофеев день: что категорически нельзя делать 18 июня

On June 18, the people say Dorofeev day. In the Orthodox Church venerated the memory of St. Dorothea, who, according to historical records, lived in the III-IV centuries on the territory of the Phoenician city of tyre, where he served as a Bishop, write more.

During the persecution organized against Christians at the initiative of the Emperor Diocletian, was hiding from supporters of the pagan faith. Was able to return to the shooting range soon after the Imperial title began to wear Constantine, known for its loyal attitude to Christians – he issued the edict of Milan.

Because of this, on the territory of the Roman Empire was proclaimed religious tolerance. About 50 years after this Dorotheus governed his diocese.

However, he didn’t die of old age during the reign of Julian the Apostate, he was martyred in the name of faith, because the new Emperor did not share the beliefs of his predecessor Constantine persecuted the Christians.

Consider what St. Dorotheus is the author of “Synopsis” – collected works, tells about the life of prophets and apostles. It also contains one of the list options from the apostles, the seventy (disciples of Christ elected in the last year of Jesus ‘ life).

In Russia on 18 June said that Dorotheos brings the shortest night of the year, calling them passerines. Because at that time flourished the sleep-grass, it is said that dreams are prophetic. Portrayed happiness in the form of a good fellow or fair maiden.

But, if June 18, dream an old woman, that’s a problem. Told that sleep-grass blooms at night, and it needs to be collected using special charms and conducting ceremonies. For example, to learn “proper” sleep-grass, which is suitable for a variety of drugs, you can, if you drop it in spring water during the full moon – well, at mind if she moved.

Also believed that evil spirits are very afraid of sleep-grass, used it for various ceremonies. In Travnik even wrote that if a man wears a sleep-grass, he will avoid meeting with the devils: “Who is sleep-grass with him, from the devil flees; in the house it be good to acquire; and to build a mansion – at the corner to put, to live in peace”.

Folk omens on June 18:

  • Good weather on the day Dorothea – will be a good harvest of grain.
  • The wind blows June 18 on the East side – summer will be windy and rainy.
  • A lot of empty shell on the cucumbers – I had to make one important ritual. So, the owner dragged June 18 at the garden foot, the old bast and threw in a cucumber, saying: “thick As this bast trailed, so that my cucumbers were going”. According to legends, these actions on June 18 allowed to harvest from planting.
  • If you cut down all the weeds in the morning on Dorotheus, they are, in mind, will not appear.

What not to do on June 18.

  • It is not recommended to sew, knit and embroider. Generally all sharp objects better get away, not to bring into the house of trouble.
  • Should not to talk to strangers. It is believed that the evil wants in human form to ferret out all your secrets. Subsequently, it can much harm.
  • On this day it is forbidden to share secrets. And not only his, but also strangers. Otherwise the language will pop up PIP to get rid of that will be very difficult.
  • To swear, to sort things out and to argue, on 18 June our ancestors did not recommend it. It could lead to illnesses, financial and other troubles.
  • Dreams in the night may not be very good. So they don’t come true, you can’t tell anyone about what he saw.