Dossier about trump and the prostitutes in Moscow was fabricated by former spy

Досье о Трампе и проститутках в Москве было сфабриковано бывшим шпионом

Dossier on Donald trump, compiled by the former spy MI-6 Christopher Steele, in which the US President has accused that he compromised with Russia, is a “fabrication”, according to the report, the leading British writer specializing in spyware theme. About it reports The Sunday Times.

“Nigel West claims that in 2017 it hired American Republican law firm to assess dossier of Steele, and he came to the conclusion that large chunks of this dossier is a fake”, – reported in the article.

“The dossier Steele asserted that the Russian spies have “compromising” on trump, including a video of how he’s having fun with the prostitutes in Moscow, and that Russia conspired with a team of election campaign trump with the purpose to affect results of elections in 2016. This file was used by the FBI to justify surveillance of the four partners of trump,” – the newspaper reminds.

“The report, seen by the newspaper the Sunday Times, concluded that “missteps” in the dossier “have signs of fiction”, and stated: “… There is a strong likelihood that all the material steel was fabricated”.

“West made its conclusions after the General inspector of the Ministry of justice published in December a report in which of the dossier Steele called “rumors” and concludes that the FBI should not have to rely on its work during the application for extradition orders on surveillance of allies trump,” writes The Sunday Times.

“West argues that Steele has created a “misleading impression” about its sources. He questioned one of the key source indicate that Steele said that he has information on such different topics as sexual activity trump in Moscow and Russian espionage in Florida. “One characteristic feature of the fabricators, in contrast to employees with reliable sources, is that they… attributed information to the wrong source – says West. – From the point of view of a professional intelligence dossier…. it is deeply disturbing and cannot be taken at face value”.

Firm of Steele, Orbis Business Intelligence, said in a statement: “the Study was funded by the Republican West law firm after 2016 and therefore cannot be regarded as nothing but a politically motivated one. [It] is not based on any knowledge about the sources or methods of Orbis and, therefore, is highly speculative in their statements”.