Dove took the ball from a player of Argentina during a match of the Copa America: funny videos

Голубь отнял мяч у игрока Аргентины во время матча Кубка Америки: смешное видео

In the semifinal match of the Copa America Venezuela – Argentina (0:2) there was a funny episode.

In the third minute of the match, the midfielder of Argentina, Rodrigo de Paul was trying to beat two Venezuelans, but tripped over a pigeon and fell. The ball was lost.

In this episode there was a foul on the part of the Venezuelan. As a result of the incident, the bird was not injured.

In the 1/2 final of the Copa America Argentina will play against Brazil, who beat Paraguay (0:0, 4:3 on penalties).

Brazil, scoring seven points in three matches, finished in first place in group A. Argentina (4) went into the playoff tournament with the second place in group B.

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