Dozens of people were killed in a mine explosion in Afghanistan

Десятки людей погибли в результате подрыва на мине автобуса в Афганистане

In the West of Afghanistan as a result of blasting of the bus, a roadside bomb killed 34 people, local media reported.

The incident occurred Wednesday morning on the territory of the County Bala Buluk, near the village of AAB-Herma, Farah province, on the road Kabul – Herat – Kandahar.

Among the dead are women and children. In addition, the result of the incident at least 17 people were injured varying degrees of severity.

A day earlier, another explosion occurred in Kandahar province. In the market in the spin Boldak district exploded a booby-trapped motorcycle. Killed three children, and another 23 people were injured. Among the wounded – six children.