Dragon docked to the ISS

Корабль Dragon пристыковался к МКС

The cargo ship Dragon, developed by SpaceX, made a Monday docking with the International space station (ISS). The capture of the ship and its connections to the gateway hatch Harmony module was carried out using the remote manipulator Canadarm 2. The broadcast was carried out on the NASA website.

This is the 17th commercial space flight to supply the ISS, SpaceX performed by order of NASA. Dragon delivered to the station more than 2.5 tons of cargo – food, equipment and materials for carrying out several dozens of scientific experiments scheduled for the ISS-59/60. Including instruments such as the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-3 Space Test Program-Houston 6.

As previously reported by representatives of NASA, OCO-3 will be installed in the hull of the ISS in order to measure the content of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere. STP-H6 is intended to demonstrate in space the new technologies generate beams of variable x-ray emission. “This technology can be useful for ensuring reliable communication with a probe or hypersonic apparatus, when plasma membrane that occurs at hypersonic speeds, blocks the passage of normal radio signal,” – said the US space Agency.

For this mission use the returned Dragon capsule is already flying in August 2017. This time the ship was launched Saturday from the Baikonur at Cape Canaveral with the help of the carrier rocket Falcon-9. In four weeks it will be undocked from the ISS and splashed down in the Pacific ocean off the coast of California.