Dragons, flying whales and the call to subscribe to PewDiePie – Atlas hacked again

Драконы, летающие киты и призыв подписаться на PewDiePie - Atlas снова взломали

A few days ago the network of pirate action Atlas pleased with the players – someone hacked the admin account and, using the obtained power, he decided to ride around the world on a tank, simultaneously causing a rain of aircraft and the invasion of whales. Then the developers fixed it, but recently the fun again!

This time, according to the relevant Reddit thread, there were no break-ins. Unscrupulous players simply have used cheats, which were called dragons and giant whales – the latter sometimes hovered in the air. Hackers even managed to change the notification server, where they left a short message with a call to subscribe to channel popular “utuber” on PewDiePie.

The developers of Grapeshot Games rather quickly responded to the incident, under the emergency service, they translated the North American PvP-set to offline mode and rolled back the server about three hours ago.

In an official statement on the company website, the developers blame the technical “exploit”, which has already managed to eliminate. They add that they had to ban several accounts of criminals. The Studio also said that in this time nobody hijacked admin accounts.

Look at the crazy incident that occurred during the second wave of break-ins here.