Dream job: fan “Friends” will pay a thousand dollars if he would watch the show 25 hours

Работа мечты: фанату "Друзей" заплатят тысячу долларов, если он будет смотреть сериал 25 часов

US company Frontier Communications in honor of the 25th anniversary of the popular series satisfied the test for a true fan of “Friends”! So, one “lucky man” who will be able to watch episodes of 25 consecutive hours, will receive a cash award in the amount of one thousand dollars.

Terms of earnings for the supporters of “Friends” and the application form for participation published the resource Frontier. Interestingly, for registration you need to specify your favorite hero and explain who is right in breaking up with Rachel or Ross.

After filling out the questionnaire online will choose participants who will be marathon from 16 to 22 September 2019. It is noted that for 25 hours you can see about a third of the episodes of the TV series “Friends”. During the viewing fan of “Friends” have to do posts in Twitter and publishing photos with your friends.

After passing the challenge, the participant will receive a check for a thousand dollars and a subscription to Netflix for 12 months.

Работа мечты: фанату "Друзей" заплатят тысячу долларов, если он будет смотреть сериал 25 часов

What is known about the series “Friends”?The series has received wide popularity after the release of the first series in 1994. And still the fans gladly review funny scenes of Joey, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Monica and Phoebe.

In the center of the plot – the story of 6 young people living in the apartments across the street. Like all new Yorkers, they are interested in several questions: where to get money how to find their place in life, where to look for love and how to make it in time to pay the rent for the apartment. Hence the show’s main characters get into funny situations, have fun, fall in love and lose loved ones, change jobs and drink coffee at your favorite coffee shop next to the house. Funny stories of “Friends” has conquered the world, and the last series, which was released in may 2004 and touched the hearts of all fans of the series