Dreamed of singing with Winnick, – Potapov has told how he formed an unexpected Duo – 24 Channel

Мріяв заспівати з Винником, – Потап розповів, як утворився несподіваний дует - 24 Канал

Alex Potapenko better known as Potap, openly told how he formed his duet with Oleg Vinnik.

This he admitted in “social life”, reports TSN.

Recently Potapov and Oleg Vinnik surprised music fans: artists have recorded a joint song “the Best day”, which became the soundtrack to the Comedy “crazy wedding”. The rapper admitted that he always dreamed of singing with a charismatic Vinnik, but didn’t think it would happen so quickly.

“Unexpectedly, really. For us too suddenly. Had a dream to sing with Oleg Vinnik, but this is unrealistic. Well, by Oleg Vinnik, and can not be. I was afraid to dream. But once I got the phone Oleg and I called him. We met, and I realized that this is the same person as I am: creative, open, very funny and very real,” – said Potapov.

Oleg winnick recalled that the discussion of the song with the rapper continued for 12.5 hours. The artists listened to music and talked. Reaching agreement, Potapov and Oleg Vinnik next day started to record the track.

We just sat, had dinner, talked about music and listened to songs. Found a common language. I remember when we recorded it in the Studio, it was the next day after a session, write the Potapchik, “Well there’s the cut?” And he writes: “Everything was cool. If I had hair, it would be up”,
– I remember Oleg Vinnik.

By the way, the artists published the video to the song “the Best day” on September 13. Just a few days the movie has collected more than 1 million views and 27 thousand preferences.

Watch the clip Potap and Oleg winnick “the Best day” (video):

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