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Вживання алкоголю може спричинити сильну імунну відповідь - 24 Канал

Doctors called a new and dangerous property of the alcohol – alcohol intake promotes penetration into the blood bacteria from the intestines.

This was stated by scientists from the Medical school of the University of Massachusetts in the United States, reports 24apteka.

Alcohol in high concentration can cause a strong immune response, because the blood can get contaminated with bacteria from the intestines. As a result of increased contamination of blood toxins, which can provoke unwanted immune responses.

This is because in the blood increases the level of endotoxins, and all due to the fact that as a result of the action of alcohol increases the permeability of intestinal walls, resulting in blood penetrate unwanted and dangerous components.


In response to the increase in the level of endotoxins in the body aktiviziruyutsya production of T cell – derived immune response: fever and acute, destructive to tissues of the body inflammation.

Even once surpassing the dose of alcohol we risk the strongest immune response
– warned scientists.

For men, the excess dose is greater than 5 servings of alcohol in two hours for women – more than 4 servings

During the experiment, men and women drank the strong alcohol, after which they have at different times taken for the analysis of blood samples. So the doctors discovered the DNA of bacteria that have passed through the intestinal wall.

Alcohol use contributes to the threat of “contamination” of the blood. Interestingly, toxicity of blood in women was higher in comparison with men.


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