Drinking tomato juice protects against the formation of clots

Употребление томатного сока эффективно защищает от образования тромбов

Thrombosis (the process of formation in the blood vessels of blood clots) is one of the main factors of heart attacks and strokes. Drink tomato juice is an effective measure of protection from this dangerous phenomenon.

Spanish scientists from the Complutense University stated: the substances contained in tomatoes and tomato juice, “have a significant impact on reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease in a person.” This conclusion was made after researchers analyzed the results of 48 research projects that studied the impact of tomato and tomato juice for health. About this work of the Spanish experts writes the journal “Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition”.

Scientists say that the bioactive compounds of tomatoes affect different physiological mechanisms in the body – in particular, on cellular activity. The results of most studies that were analyzed by the Spanish, show that tomatoes and tomato juice feature inherent to effectively prevent thrombosis. This effect from eating tomatoes and juice from them, the scientists associated with the content of lycopene and vitamin E.

Experts note: lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that helps reduce the level of cholesterol in blood, improves the General condition of blood vessels, reduces the risk of atherosclerosis. As for vitamin E, it improves cell nutrition, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and resorption of blood clots. At the time of the study, conducted by scientists at Ohio state University in USA, showed that vitamin E helps ex-smokers to restore the blood vessels, improving them vascular function.