Drivers, accountants and lawyers will become unnecessary: what profession may soon disappear

Водители, бухгалтеры и адвокаты станут не нужны: какие профессии вскоре могут исчезнуть

Talk about the fact that robots take over the world, do not cease for several years. It is clear that the panic is exaggerated, but there is some truth in these fears. Because of the automation of various processes, many people may soon be unemployed. The website “Today” to understand, what specialities will eventually disappear from the labour market that will contribute to what specialists of the future.

What is happening in the labour market

Recently, a study conducted at Oxford University showed that 45% of today’s occupations over the next 10 years will disappear or be as automated as possible. Came here the cashiers, postmen, drivers, Bank employees and many others.

Indeed, now there are cars that safely drive without drivers, the service at the tills in some markets is carried out automatically, and most of the functions of Bank employees can replace regular application in the phone.

Scientists assume that more automation is exposed to a low-paid profession, and least of all risk professionals with advanced degrees (e.g., engineers, physicists, doctors, etc.). According to the McKinsey Global Institute, in the future, robots will be able perfectly to fulfill around one-third of the tasks included in 60% of professions.

In the calculations by the McKinsey Global Institute says that because of automation 2030 without work there can be up to 800 million people around the world. It is noted that automation will mostly affect China – under threat more than 200 million people, i.e. 16% of the workforce. In second place India (about 150 million people, 9% of the workforce), the third were the United States (about 50 million people, almost 25% of the workforce).

And at risk in the first place will be machine operators, fast food workers across, the staff of the back office and those professionals who are engaged in lending.

Experts at last year’s Ukrainian business forum SAP confirmed these theories and added that robotics and artificial intelligence development will help to increase the world’s GDP and will bring tangible returns to the global economy.

“Before 2030, GDP worldwide would grow by 14% through artificial intelligence. That’s 15 trillion dollars that is equal to the total GDP of China and India”, – quoted figures Kaluga Simon, managing Director of SAP in Central and Eastern Europe.

What profession will soon disappear

When we speak of massive automation, do not forget that in Ukraine, the technology developed with such speed as the USA or China, so the car on autopilot will not threaten our drivers a loss of jobs.

However, in Ukraine there is a risk to certain professions, and if those people who have been working in a particular place, no particular threats, then students who only choose to link their future life, it is worth considering – will not their education over time is absolutely useless?

According to research conducted by recruitment company HeadHunter, the number of jobs in 2018 increased by 70% compared to in 2013, But this growth is not quite uniform: for example, in the category “Tourism, hotel and restaurant sphere” of job offers has increased by 50%.

“But traditional accounting systems were at risk, because popularity of the Internet booking of tickets, hotels, electronic guides, apps and devices for simultaneous translation. However, there is a particular area for development is the development and promotion of customized tours and travel formats in accordance with the physical form, the preferences and interests of the traveller. Because the consumer of the future will gravitate not only to personalized communications, but also to the same products and services”, – says the head of expert-analytical center of the recruiting company HeadHunter Julia Drozhzhina.

It is interesting to note that in such Prospero as “Installation”, “work staff”, “Administrative staff”, “Transportation” dynamics of growth of number of job offers remains above average. Also significantly increased the number of jobs in categories such as “working staff”, “Sports fitness”, “Marketing”, “Accounting” and “Sales”. Although, according to forecasts, the demand for such specialists should be gradually reduced, but as we already said, the Ukrainian realities require adjustments.

The HeadHunter adds that, according to the report “the Future of workplaces”, which was published in the world economic forum, in the future problems with employment can expect of accountants, administrative and Executive secretaries, mailmen, financial analysts, cashiers, mechanics, factory workers, drivers of cars, vans, tourism managers, installers of electronics, lawyers, Bank employees , etc.

“For example, in the field of Finance predicted a gradual disappearance of such professions as accountant or teller – basic operations for audit and accounting to run software. But there are new tools such as crowdfunding and credinvest, and a new currency with digital codes based on (cryptocurrency). Thus, among the responsibilities of the securities analyst is to analyze the portfolios/securities market trends, exploring new markets, including cryptocurrencies. A knowledge of the basics of the principle of crowdfunding will be an advantage for managers on business development and social media marketing experts, and marketers, and PR professionals,” said Drozhzhina.

For what professions the future

It is clear that the requirements for specialists will gradually change that can already be seen now. Various organizations are increasingly seeking creative, multi-tasking people who can generate unique ideas and to do everything at once.

A year and a half ago, experts of the state service of employment of Atlas of new professions, which said that in 10 years Ukrainians will be able to call nanotrace and order autosomal. Civil service employment predicts the emergence of new professions which will be in use after 2020. It is noted that in Ukraine there will be the designers of the robots, drone operators and managers of avatars (the curators of the computer characters that will be interactive assistants people). Also popular will be the architects of virtual reality, the pilots of autosoliton, climate scientists and farmers-agropolicy who grow plants in skyscrapers. Some of these professionals have in Ukraine now, but in the future it is expected significant growth of demand for such people.

“Increasingly refers to the broad use of new “smart” materials and technologies. In construction it may cause the emergence of such specialties as the designer of the infrastructure “smart” house – a specialist who will deal with the intellectual control systems of household. But typical tasks, quite possibly, will be solved automatically and with the help of 3D printing,” added Julia Drozhzhina.

The expert concluded that there will be increasing demand for IT specialists, and more jobs will be associated with the joint activities in groups. Therefore, the ability to work in a team will become a mandatory requirement for most industries. Also in the context of globalization will need knowledge of several languages and the ability to quickly assimilate information.

Author: Anastasia Ishchenko