Driver’s license offer to exclude from the identity documents

Водительские права предлагают исключить из документов, удостоверяющих личность

Driver’s license in many countries replaces a passport and other documents.

Every car enthusiast or a professional driver takes her driving licence as identity document. Soon, however, the law will no longer such a document.

The Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine proposes to amend the Law of Ukraine “On Unified state register of demographic and documents that confirm the citizenship of Ukraine, identity or her special status”.

According to the published Agency website bill, from the extensive list, along with your passport, passport, ID card, refugee card, migrant and other things, propose to exclude the identity of the driver. However, for example, seaman’s such a function does not lose.

In the explanatory note to the document, the interior Ministry indicate that the functions of the identification document will be performed only to confirm the right of a citizen to operate a vehicle.

In turn, for many countries, driving license is a priority document that confirms the identity of the person.

For example, in the USA there is no single document, which is issued to every citizen by the Federal authorities and considered to be his ID. The main document that is used as ID in the U.S., are a driver’s license. Rights and ID card needed in USA almost everywhere: when you open a Bank account, buying alcohol in shops, reservation of air or railway tickets.

But in the Swedish legislation does not stipulate that all citizens must have identity documents. Most often, institutions will be asked to provide biometric plastic ID card. However, not all Swedes are applying to receive such a card. At the moment, only 100 thousand people have plastic document. Have a driver’s license.