Drivers of minibuses in Krivoy Rog after the medical examination the doctors left the rent money and the office

Водители маршруток в Кривом Роге после медосмотра оставляют медикам деньги на аренду и канцелярию

During a RAID today, February 4, activists recorded the passage of medical examination by one of the taxi drivers. Activists gave it a video version. Part of his “First of Krivoy Rog” published below.

The physician measured the driver’s blood pressure, checked his pulse, he breathed into the breathalyzer. The results of the inspection met the doctor. She made a journal entry and worksheet of the driver. After the man had received approval from mesotrophic to the output on the line, he was placed on the table 10 hryvnia and was released. The physician quickly removed the money from the table.

The activists asked For paid driver?

The doctor explained that this was payment for rent, on office and so on.

The day of the inspection before going on the flight are in this checkpoint dozens of drivers.

According to the materials: