Drivers who violate Parking rules, was accused of criminal vandalism

Водителей, нарушающих правила парковки, упрекнули в злостном вандализме

Inspectors from the Parking lot, and more I notice vandalism on the part of drivers who do not want to obey the traffic rules. In the past month working on noted that he had written more than 7 thousands of protocols and found a broken sign prohibit Parking.

Metropolitan Parking system is going through hard times when drivers have nowhere to Park, and Parking in the wrong place, they face a fine of 255 UAH minimum and maximum to detect your car on straflosigkeit. And the degree of education of each driver corresponds to intellect: one stop drive in the city centre, knowing that the Parking issues may arise, and others – break down the signs prohibiting Parking.

“So when it detects violations of rules of a stop and Parking from the city of Kiev, the inspectors in the Parking lot noticed was willfully dismantled a road sign.

Now the city to restore the sign. In the future it will be tracked and punished according to the law. Friends, destroy always easy. But if we want to live in a comfortable town, you need to create, not destroy”, – noted in the Inspection in the Parking lot.

Note that in the Center of the organization of traffic in the city of Kiev reported that in the period from 24 to 30 June 2019, in cooperation with the Office of the patrol police in Kyiv, employees of the municipal enterprise moved to a special area of 20 vehicles of violators of the rules of the road, which was temporarily detained by a police patrol.

Водителей, нарушающих правила парковки, упрекнули в злостном вандализме