Drone taught to transport human organs for transplant: video

Дрон научили перевозить человеческие органы для пересадки: видео

The drone can save lives of thousands of people.

Scientists from the University of Maryland for the first time successfully delivered a kidney for transplant from a drone – immediately after transport of the body it was transplanted into the recipient. This is stated in the message of the University. Prompt delivery of donor organs is one of the most important conditions for successful transplantation.

Some time after the retrieval of donor organs become unusable for transplant. However, the drone is able to quickly deliver the body. In theory, it could save the lives of millions of people, so this startup clearly deserves attention. The car is not able to move as fast due to restrictions, however, the drone is capable of carrying important cargo by air, which will reduce the elapsed time and resources.

The researchers sent the body in a special container that adheres to the necessary for its preservation conditions. Immediately after receiving the parcel, the doctors transplanted the kidney to 44-year-old patient, whose name was not disclosed.

Operation and postoperative period were successful, and the patient was discharged from the hospital, the researchers note.

Дрон научили перевозить человеческие органы для пересадки: видео