Drones learn to get along with autohome on the roads

Беспилотники научат уживаться с автохамами на дорогах

Industry Autonomous driving is developing quite intensively. Many scarpati and automakers have moved from research and creation to testing drones, and some even brought them to the streets.

Despite this, the activity of developers in the offline industry there are still a number of outstanding issues which are mainly related to the fact that the drones have to share space with drivers-people. However, artificial intelligence cannot predict the actions of people who do not always behave correctly on the roads and break the rules, Auto Informant reports citing Engadget.

Researchers from mit have found a way to solve this problem. They forced the drones to think not templates, and to focus on the behavior of the driver separately. This involved some psychological techniques that allow to divide people into egoists and safe.

With the new design, the system will accumulate knowledge about the behavior of drivers and use them in practice. According to the researchers, the accuracy of the determination of drones action drivers people increased by 25% compared to previous designs. However, they do not intend to stop, because this scheme also need to adapt to other road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and others.