Drugs will not help Ukrainians, “eats” a dangerous virus

Лекарства не помогут: украинцев "съедает" опасный вирус

The Ukraine came to death. She has already claimed five people. Three people died in Zhytomyr oblast and one in Ternopil and Zaporizhya.

The cause of death was the flu. As reports the edition “Observer”, Ukraine began to attack the new deadly flu virus.

Moreover, it can detect only in the first days of illness, on 4 and 5 day (when patients were treated in outpatient clinics) virus it is impossible to identify.

People go to the doctor with pneumonia, which provoked a flu virus. Doctors say that pneumonia is developing rapidly, literally on the fourth or fifth day. And light patients literally “burn”.

The symptoms of the disease are. Sharply at first a cough, then high fever that cannot be brought down. After some time there is shortness of breath and dry cough blood stands out.

Doctors say that to us again came the H1N1 flu. It used to be called “pork”, now it has become “pandemic”.

The disease is dangerous because it is developing very rapidly. At-risk middle-aged people and pregnant women. The flu can mow people with chronic diseases.

How to identify virus? Here at medical advice one. As soon as the temperature rose, as soon as you need to go to the doctor. Should not pull to self-medicate.

Doctors also suggest not to go with high temperature to work, not to go to public transport, spreading the virus. In addition, it is not necessary to carry a child in kindergarten or school. Adults and children need only go to the clinic.