Drunk love: how different alcohol affects sex

Нетрезвая любовь: как разный алкоголь влияет на интим

It is no secret that alcohol affects the entire body. Yes, and the quality of sex too.


Light alcohol dangerous opportunity to overdo it. Excessive consumption of beer may lead to the fact that of elegant ladies ‘ man you could turn into a virtuoso snorer.


Masculinity and business style is the first Association with whiskey.

But there is a secret whisky – congeners, metanolovyj components of the alcohol gives the taste and color and in large quantities contained in the drink. These substances lead to severe intoxication and subsequent hangover, which is clearly not conducive to good sexual mood.


The bubbles in champagne are not allowed to drink more than two glasses which is a perfect dose. In many varieties of sparkling has notes of lavender, caramel, vanilla is an aphrodisiac, so the sex will be.


The perfect alcohol for Dating and sex, and it is better to choose red wine.

Studies have shown that women prefer a glass of red wine, more inclined to have sex than those who drink other alcohol.

And even in red wine there are woody, nutmeg and cherry notes, which act as aphrodisiacs for women.