Drunk mother left the baby on the windowsill and fell asleep

Пьяная мать оставила ребенка на подоконнике и уснула

In Kremenchug Poltava region there was a glaring case of criminal relations to his children from the mother, reports styler.rbc.ua.

The incident occurred in a residential street Guards: drunk woman went to sleep, leaving two young children unattended. Naked child noticed in the window of the passers-by and called the police.

The patrol immediately arrived at the designated place and minutes were drawn up, waking the woman. Took the kids to his mother-in-law.

Network users were shocked by the attitude of mothers to their own children and they immediately began to comment on the incident.

“The worst thing is that in this state, the mother of the children indifferent, and while they absolutely love, And God gives these women children. Poor girl. Conditions – horror”, “Poor kids, I hope the hell they don’t come back. And about the mother-in-law: did she had not seen before in any living grandchildren?”