“DTEK Naftogaz” received the production of hydrocarbons from compacted Sands at a depth of 5 km

"ДТЭК Нефтегаз" получил добычу углеводородов из уплотненных песчаников на глубине более 5 км

“DTEK Neftegaz” has successfully conducted multi-stage hydraulic fracturing (frac), has received industrial inflows of gas and condensate and thus returned well in extracting the Fund, as well as proved reserves of hydrocarbons in the horizon, who previously industrial is not developed, the press service of the company.

“The peculiarity of the work lies in the fact that the hydraulic fracturing was carried out in a formation with low permeability at depths greater than 5000 m in the conditions of high pressures and temperatures. While the technology has been applied based on synthetic polymers that has found wide application in the world for intensification of stranded and has better residual permeability. The reservoir was pumped 1000 m 3 of liquid at maximum mouth pressures of about 1000 ATM. The work was carried out with the involvement of the largest fleet of hydraulic fracturing in Ukraine with a total capacity of 25 000 HP”, – stated in the message.

The press service notes that the adaptation of hydraulic fracturing performed under the guidance of the Technology center “DTEK oil & gas”.

“Given the complex initial geological and technological factors in the borehole, successfully complete a program of hydraulic fracturing has allowed a systematic approach to the adaptation of advanced technologies. To conduct the PIU staff were involved many units of “DTEK oil & gas”, leading international and Ukrainian service companies, as well as relevant members of the permanent Advisory Council”, – said the head of the Technology centre of the company Maxim Dorokhov.

The company said that it had created in the past year, the expert Council, which aims to introduce global best practices, has attracted 13 international experts.

“The implemented program, EMG shows the ability and efficiency of performing such work at depths over 5000 m in the conditions of high pressures and temperatures. This will allow for the development of new tight oil reserves, today it is strategically important to increase gas production and achieve energy independence of Ukraine”, – said the Director of the production and processing of hydrocarbons “DTEK Naftogaz” Alexey Raptanov.