Dubinsky got drunk and couldn’t ride my bike, media

Дубинский напился и не смог поехать на велосипеде, - СМИ

People’s Deputy of Ukraine from “people’s Servants” and the candidate in mayors of Kiev Alexander Dubinsky caught for lewd behavior. Dubinsky hit the lens of social network users, when they tried to sit on the bike in a condition of alcoholic intoxication in the city centre, according to the online edition of “Argumentum”.

After the scandal it turned out that the team of Alexander Dubinsky filmed a campaign commercial. The photo shoot Dubinsky came by car Lexus. Photoshoot Dubinsky took a couple of minutes. MP is only able to pose sitting on the bike for the photographer and video operator. Being in a state of intoxication, attempts by Dubinsky Bicycle, was unsuccessful and turned into a “rape” of the bike from the MP. On his page in Facebook the people’s Deputy confirmed that he participated in a photo shoot on the bike: “I got a Lexus. Rode the bike. Went to Galice. A brief summary of my day version parabolical. You study;)”. At the same time, Dubinsky silent about its poor condition.

“Sources in the headquarters of the Dubinsky report that the script of the movie Alexander had to sit on the bike, drive down the street Pushkin, jump with him on the move and welcome to Kiev. But the MP came to the shooting in a state of alcoholic intoxication and couldn’t get on a Bicycle without helper support. Accordingly, the clip snapped, and the behavior of Dubinsky drew the attention of others” – the newspaper notes.

The media has made an appeal to the National police of Kiev to track the route of the “green” Mercedes G55 AMG, which Dubinsky left the scene of the shooting of the campaign video. According to motorists, the road MP violate instilled in SDA created an emergency situation and threatened the lives of pedestrians and other drivers.

Social media users do not choose words and negatively comment on such actions MP from the Servant “of the people” Alexander Dubinsky. “Was under the sign. Yes, who needs the fuck the mayor, let him go and do whatever to deputatsha. And the chair of the Deputy to drive NECESSARILY,” says Alex Moroz.

“Nai*buva*t people and n*ZD*t our money”, – quotes Denis Denis favorite phrase Dubinsky, “they just f*zdyat our money”.

“As Lyashko p*daras in the trenches, another stuffed with mother Danica Patrick,” says Sergei Herc.

In November 2019 on the website Bihus.info came out a journalistic investigation into the ownership of Dubinsky. According to the newspaper, the family of Dubinsky owns 24 apartments, 17 cars, two houses, 70 acres of land, totaling about two and a half million dollars. Part of the property when it is written to his wife Lesya TIBCO, as part of the mother of Alexander. The presence of the mother of Maserati Dubinsky explained that “Mama loves speed”. Until the election of people’s Deputy Alexander Dubinsky worked on the TV channel “1+1” – in the TV program investigations, “Money”, which was engaged in the exposure of corruption, including non-Declaration of property by officials.

Дубинский напился и не смог поехать на велосипеде, - СМИ

Дубинский напился и не смог поехать на велосипеде, - СМИ

Дубинский напился и не смог поехать на велосипеде, - СМИ