Ducati will start the production of Chinese scooters under its own brand

Ducati начнут выпуск китайских электроскутеров под своим брендом

Ducati, which is well known for its motorcycles, decided to retrain and start producing electric scooters.

The company has signed an agreement with Chinese manufacturer of electric scooters and motorcycles Vmoto.

The agreement provides that electric scooters Vmoto CUx will come out under the brand Ducati and will be the official product of the company.

In Vmoto said that they intend to create a luxury version of scooter, which will be offered to customers at a higher price.

Electric scooters CUx under the brand Ducati will be distributed and sold using the existing network Vmoto, however, Ducati will have to do most of the marketing.

“This is an exciting deal for Vmoto and we are glad that Ducati is a company known as the leading manufacturer of Italian motorcycles, has agreed to associate its premium reputation and brand with our electric scooters. This deal will allow fans Ducati to access high quality 2-wheel electric scooter premium produced by Vmoto, and strengthen the credibility of expanding distributors of our company, especially in Europe, and also to raise awareness of Vmoto’s products in these markets”, – said managing Director of Vmoto Charles Chen.

He also stressed that the production of premium electric scooter will provide higher prices and profitability, and is expected to contribute to sales growth over the next two fiscal years.

We will remind, earlier electric scooters CUx sold under the brand Super SOCO (“daughter” Vmoto).

Electric scooter CUx 2019 is equipped with Bosch engine power 2.8 kW (3,75 HP). It can reach a maximum speed of 45 km/h Is not very fast, but enough for the city. Scooter got a battery capacity of 1.8 kWh, which provides up to 75 km of range. The scooter also has a front facing camera that can be used as an action camera to use social networks or as a DVR.