“Duck” story: on Comedy “Glamorous business”

"Утиные" истории: о комедии "Гламурный бизнес"

Karaoke instead of a calculator

The film centers on Miguel Arteta “Glamorous business” are two bosom friend with 22 years of experience and a hard life, Mel (rose Byrne) and MIA (Tiffany Haddish). After College, they created a small “garage” business for cosmetics and received local recognition for his successes, decided to grow rapidly by opening his own shop (aka beauty salon).

Judging by how the heroine repeatedly distracted from dealing booze, sex for one night and karaoke, the solution to it was, rather, an act of faith than the result of careful calculation: still Chalk and MIA dried her head over the shoal with marijuana much more frequently than on a calculator and the books (or rather, test – free versions of accounting software).

Short and to the point Telegram

The friendship business (not) a hindrance

When this is not the most rational approach to the conduct of the case makes itself know with a debt of half a million dollars, a wonderful release from a catastrophic situation friends offers cosmetic magnate Claire of the Moon (Salma Hayek). She is ready to pay off debts Mel and MIA, and to provide them with the funds for full development of their enterprise in exchange for control over it.

Mel sees this offer as the biggest breakthrough to the top, which friends have always dreamed of. Meg, on the contrary, as the loss of independence and betrayal of ideals. In their relationship for the first time there is a crack, and Claire Moon, who build his business Empire on the principle of “divide and rule” liberally pours gasoline this conflict.

Familiar story for those familiar masks

Described story about the clash of business development and personal relationships of the characters, spiced with sharp humor and observations about how unequal a society weigh the chances of success of men and women is familiar: only in the last half of the year it can be seen in the film “Queen of crime” Andrea Berloff (with the same Tiffany Haddish) and “Fraudsters of wall Street” Lauryn Scafaria.

Not Shine with originality and portraits of heroines: Salma Hayek with the same tenacity demonstrated business acumen in “Operation Kolibri” Kim Nguyen (except that coloring the hair in a different light and less prominently presenting outstanding external data); Tiffany Haddish at this stage of his career is an actress half images; rose Byrne is also neatly brings his performing talents with her proposed one-dimensional mask.

After the first Iron man: the movie “Doolittle”

Gross female humour

The greatest artistic kinship “Glamorous business”, perhaps, feels, Comedy Sex Fig “bridesmaids” (“Bridesmaids”), which (by the way, when participation rose Byrne) in 2011 clearly demonstrated that the female ensemble cast is quite able to expand the limits of the masculine brute, unchained of humor aimed below the belt and, very often, by good taste.

In the journey, the ocean is remarkable obscene “Glamorous business” strongly, even fearlessly, is sent from the first scene, starting with the description of fantastic sex with Barack Obama continuing many jokes and quips on the intimate areas (the topic of bleaching is a direct homage to “the slumber party…”, in which she played an important role).

Emotionally and rapidly

Accented, loud manner, do not hesitate straightforward to signal “This is a travesty!”, which of these risque jokes is presented to the audience, gives a “Glamorous business” that sympathetic to his emotions, which allows you to receive and jammed tradition shows the test of many years of friendship Mel and MIA, and undisguised fabulous approximation demonstrate the business processes.

In this artistic approach of the authors of “Glamorous business” in harmony with the views of the heroines in the beauty industry: their goal is not to do everything to hide the flaws, but to accentuate the advantages, which must outweigh the disadvantages. And, in General, outweigh.

Another absolute advantage entertainment tape is its swiftness. It lasts about 80 minutes: time during which the honourable the blockbuster hardly has time to begin. The secret to this simple brevity: “Glamorous business” measures the display time is not Hollywood line, but minute video in Instagram.

Sergei Vasiliev for delo.ua