Due to a conflict with Twitter trump has threatened to close down social network

Из-за конфликта с Twitter Трамп пригрозил закрыть социальные сети

After employees called Twitter two tweets trump’s “misleading”, the American President promised to impose strict regulation of social networks, or even to close them.

The conflict, which the US President Donald trump with the social network Twitter, an active user which he is gaining momentum. After the representatives of the company on may 26, Twitter has provided two tweets trump marks “misleading zabuzhdenie”, the White house said that “Twitter is completely suppresses freedom of speech” and promised that, as President of the United States, “to prevent it”.

Wednesday, may 27, trump elaborated on his warning in the address of the company: “the Republicans have the feeling that social media absolutely ignore conservative voices. Can we seriously regulate or close before you get this to happen.” This statement of the American leader did in his microblog on Twitter.

What tweets trump has been called “deceptive”

In trump’s tweets, which were named social network “misleading”, the question was about what the state of California intend to send to voters a ballot in the mail. This practice threatens the “rigging” of the election results, said trump. Documents can steal from a mailbox, forge, or to sign other, the President suggested.

The people at Twitter have provided these messages explanation: “trump makes unsubstantiated allegations that postal voting will lead to voter fraud”. In response to this tramp has fallen in another tweet on the company, saying that “Twitter is trying to interfere in the presidential election in 2020.”