Due to the outbreak of coronavirus Chinese gamers distribute free pornogra

In China, the rapidly spread of the deadly coronavirus. To stop the spread of the virus, the Chinese suggest as little as possible to go to crowded places.

Reports pcgamesn.com residents of the affected areas of China are advised not to leave the house. Therefore, in order to encourage Chinese people to spend more time at home, fans of the games offered interesting promotion – free pornogra Mirror in Steam. This initiative was made by the developers themselves.

“To avoid getting infected with nCoV 2019, it is better to stay home. So we decided to distribute 45 thousand copies of the Mirror, so that you have company. Please accept our gift and be strong!”, – say the creators of the game.

Из-за вспышки коронавируса китайским геймерам бесплатно раздают порноигру

Из-за вспышки коронавируса китайским геймерам бесплатно раздают порноигру

Chinese gamers are giving out free Mirror

What is a Mirror?
This is a game in the style of hentai. It was released in 2018. And it has become one of the best games in its class. On Steam this game has received 97% positive reviews.

What is known about the coronavirus?
This virus was recorded in China in late 2019. Subsequently, however, the virus has spread to other countries. In particular, the virus recorded in Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Vietnam, France, Malaysia, Australia and the USA. Ukraine has not recorded a single case of infection with a dangerous virus.

According to the latest data, the number of cases worldwide has already reached 20 thousand 438 people who died of coronavirus – 435.

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