Duet of the week: Petrov-Mishkin and “Mamayev colorise”

Дуэты недели: Петров-Мишкин и "мамаево кокорище"

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Simple Russian tourist or employee of the GRU?

Alexander Petrov and Alexander Mishkin? Russian tourist who decided for fun to visit in the British city of Salisbury, or an officer of the GRU? This week the organization Bellingcat and publishing Insider published an investigation, which States that the real name of a suspect in the poisoning Skrobala Aleksandr Petrov – Alexander Mishkin. Moreover, how to write Bellingcat and Insider, a few years ago, the medic, the GRU received the title of Hero of Russia for some “exploits in Ukraine.”

And these gifts to Alexander Michael’s and Anatolia the Chapiha (so, according to journalists, is actually named the second suspect Ruslan Bashirov) are not limited. Roman Dobrokhotov, editor of the Insider writes, citing the results of the investigation that Chapiha and Mishkin got a more expensive apartment in Moscow.

“Well, Hello, Alexander E. Mishkin, aka Alexander Petrov, he’s a killer in uniform” – this post appeared on the page of the former Deputy of the state Duma from “Fair Russia” Dmitry Gudkov.

To protect Bashirova and Petrov got up journalist Oleg Lurie. His post, he has published with the hashtag #БредОтBellingcat.

Many users of social networks recalled the cartoon characters, films and literary works, and someone compared Mishkin and the Chapiha with two characters this week – players Pavel Mamaev and Alexander Kokorin.

From football field to jail

Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev – the second duet of weeks. Players of “Zenith” and “Krasnodar” on Monday beat three people, among whom were officials of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis Pak. Two days later the players was a criminal case, and later they were sent to jail.

“Phrase of the day – Mamayev colorise” – wrote on his page in Twitter famous TV presenter Vladimir Soloviev. “Kokorin and Mamaev who believe? Or they think they can get away with it?” Later, Soloviev proposed “indicative to punish these majors”.

By the way about “get away with”. In mass media there was information that a famous pranker Vova, and Lexus got through to the President “Zenith” Sergey Fursenko. According to him, the players just hoped that they will help clubs.

“No respect, money and fame should not be an indulgence”

And how would the situation, if this fight were very different people – a less well-known? That is the question that began to ask users of social networks.

Lawyer Shota Gorgadze sure “if Kokorin and Mamaev’s not going to jail at a fair verdict, there will arise a lot of questions to justice. No connections, money and fame should not be an indulgence for their crimes!”

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