Dumplings with cherry compote recipe

Вареники с вишней в компоте рецепт

Like cherry? Then you’ll definitely enjoy dumplings with cherry compote, which can be easily made at home!

To prepare dumplings you spend a little more than an hour, and the pleasure you receive very much. Due to the presence of compote dumplings turn into a sweet dessert which will delight both children and adults!


  • Cherry compote 1 l,
  • Cherry 450,
  • Sugar 100 g,
  • Ground cinnamon 5 g,
  • Flour 300 g,
  • Potato starch 300 g,
  • Chicken egg 1 PC.,
  • Salt to taste.

Method of preparation:

Dumplings with cherry compote recipe / pixabay.com.

1. Fill the cherries with sugar, mixed with cinnamon and leave for an hour.

2. Mix the starch with flour and egg, add water, salt and knead the dough.

3. Leave the dough in the foil for 10-15 minutes in a warm place.

4. Roll out the dough and cut out circles, each put a bit of filling and zasiyaet.

5. Cook the dumplings until tender, in a separate container boil the compote. Next, combine the dumplings with compote. Bon appetit!

Tip! Choose not the sweetest juice, so as it boils it does not become a jam.

Вареники с вишней в компоте рецепт