During quarantine to buy store and handle products

Как во время карантина покупать и обрабатывать магазинные продукты

During rapid and forced going to the supermarket there is still a risk of Contracting coronavirus. And poor quality products bought at a retail outlet or brought by delivery service, can cause serious poisoning. How to buy and process the products in the current environment.

Write about the Arguments and facts.

How to disinfect products in packages?

Experts answered questions about how to properly handle the products brought from the store. According to experts, if the product is sealed, it should be washed with soap and water. In other cases, the packaging should be handle with antibacterial wipes.

Why you should not do a large stockpile of food?

Experts do not recommend making the stock and buy the products in store, as grocery stores in continuous operation and maintain a minimum amount of basic foodstuffs. And expired cereals, nuts and dried fruits can be got food moths and other pests that can harm the health.

Experts also recommend that all, both a mode of self-isolation, rational approach to the preparation of daily menu to avoid weight gain due to the decrease in mobility. Before going to the store is necessary to specify what products you already have at home, and make a list taking into account the recommended daily norms of consumption. When planning it is also important to observe the principles of a balanced diet.

How to behave in the store and choose the right products?

Once in the store, you need to wipe the handle of the shopping trolley or basket with a damp cloth. You can also use gloves to avoid direct contact with surfaces that may be potentially infected.

The first is to lay down in the cart the products are stored at room temperature. And perishable items from refrigerated cases and freezers must be put into the last turn.

You should also pay attention to the conditions in which products are stored in the store and do they correspond to the temperature specified by the manufacturer. If the storage temperature is above the specified manufacturer, is to abandon the purchase.

It is better to choose packaged goods. Especially if we are talking about the products that are consumed without heat treatment.

Before you opt for a particular product, you need to carefully inspect the packaging to check the expiration date and composition. This is important in order not to acquire products that can cause an allergic reaction.

In addition, you need to consider the principles of observance of the commodity neighbourhood. For example, ready-to-eat food must not lie on the same shelf as raw foods. Such a neighborhood may contaminate products and lead to food poisoning or intestinal infection. Similar rules should be taken into account when loading trolleys or baskets and with the shifting of the products in bags at the checkout.

How to purchase products with home delivery?

Before you open a package of food or products, you need to wash your hands. It is worth remembering that before that you were holding the money or a Bank card, opened the door, and so on.

Perishable products must be delivered in a bag in the fridge or in the two contacts. If the delivery service does not comply with this requirement, from purchase to opt out.

Opening the package, you should carefully check the expiration dates, package integrity, no dents and swollen lids in metal cans. On fruits and vegetables should be no signs of wilting, mold, and rot. From spoiled and damaged products, the buyer has the right to refuse.

Also make sure you don’t put in a single package, for example, raw meat and ready to eat products. Raw meat, poultry or fish should be Packed separately from the vegetables, fruits, deli and grocery products.