During the charity stream Bungie has collected 400 thousand dollars for the children’s hospital

Во время благотворительного стрима Bungie собрала 400 тысяч долларов для детской больницы

Bungie in addition to working on Destiny 2 manages to find time for charity. Yesterday, the company donated Children’s research hospital St. Jude studying pediatric Oncology, 400 thousand dollars.

The Studio participated in the annual marathon charity stream Guardian Con, where for four hours collecting donations from the spectators in exchange for various rewards – signed collector’s edition of their games, a tour of the office and other amenities.

According to the initial goals for the “donut”, the creators of Halo planned to raise about 150 thousand dollars, but in the end exceeded that amount by almost three times. According to the official Twitter of the organizers of the event, stream Bungie raised more money than all the other members for all the time.

The share of developers accounted for nearly one-sixth of $ 2.5 million, which were collected at the moment. Time to contribute and you can stream Guardian Con will go up on June 23. The goal is $ 3 million in donations.

Event Guardian Con originally was started as a meeting of members of the community of Destiny, but eventually became a full-fledged fundraiser for the charity. Members regularly hold all sorts of promotions, but the main event is the annual streberski marathon, where invited media personalities associated with the gaming industry.