During the day, the inspectors fined the drivers of the trucks nearly 2 million UAH

За сутки инспекторы оштрафовали водителей фур почти на 2 млн грн

Some craftsmen exceeded the norm of 12 tonnes.

For one day, July 2, inspectors Ukrtransagent checked 6598 commercial vehicles and employs more than €54 million (about 1.7 million) fee for the advantage, quoted the head of the Ministry of Infrastructure Vladislav Cricle the press service of the Ministry. On fines has reported to the President.

“This is [check] due to the harmonious cooperation of Ukrtransagent together with Nicoletia and security Service of Ukraine. Already in 8 regions is on-gabaritno-weight control. And often some construction companies fall into the sample of offenders”, – he said.

For example, yesterday on the highway M-14 inspectors Ukrtransagent together with the patrol police and SBU in the Nikolaev area revealed three facts of exceeding the weight parameters in the carriage of cargo.

The vehicle, transporting gravel, tried to go round the point gabaritno-weight control field roads, but was detained by inspectors of the relevant services to conduct the weighing.

“All three trucks belonged to the company “SPMK-17″, which is involved in the construction of highways in the Nikolaev area, and has repeatedly violated the requirements of applicable law in the carriage of cargo”, – said Crickley.

The Ministry reported a record-breaker. For example, on the highway N-09 to Ivano-Frankivsk region has fined the car MAN LLC “Progress Logistik PLYUS” for €1180 (more than 36 thousand UAH). In it is found the advantage on triple axle 32,25 t at the rate of 24 tons And the total weight was 52 tons at the rate of 40 t

We will remind, on June 23, President Vladimir Zelensky urged the truckers not to look for workarounds to travel with overloaded vehicles on Ukrainian roads. He recalled that the country is “Big construction” on the construction of thousands of roads that officials are looking for tools, and drivers by the overloaded machines these roads all the time spoil.

Vladimir Zelensky